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Upload files and EARN MONEY¡ It´s real

jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

earn money uploading FILES ¡¡¡

How to earn money online.
Learn how i did $ 20 a day ,or more, with uploading
What is uploading? REGISTER HERE

It is the leading service Hosting Company that Pays $10 for 1000 Download , also providing file storing, sharing and transferring services. Files between 1-100 MB which is one of the highest rates I’ve seen on Internet.

why is better than others services?

Simply, because it pays you when you reach $ 30 in your balance, maybe it sound difficult , but you are wrong .Uploading has many tools that you can use to make money fast and effective.

Here my stats and my sells. i had one sell for 2.26 dollars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well i had some luck following days......LOOK !!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actualization!!! Unbelievable , in less than a week i made at more than $30 (DOLLARS), You can not lose this chance.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actualization 2!!! More incredible !!! Another sell , This time $28.66 Bucks.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Proof of payments !!! REGISTER HERE

1..................... 2 ...................3 - simple image hosting - simple image hosting - simple image hosting

Well the most important , HOW i make MONEY UPLOADING files,
The first you have to do is to REGISTER HERE. The registration is very easy to do !!!

What i upload is XXX . I upload mostly AMATEUR VIDS, in a lot of forums ,Twice a day.(PORN sites are the most visited sites on the internet.)

You have to register in all xxx forums you know , go to Google and put xxx videos amateur collection , amateur megathread etc, and you will find lots of Porn forums to register at.

What are the "SELLS"?????????

*Sell means that,if someone want to buy a premium account at , (Like Rapidshare or Megaupload) 50 % of that sell goes to your account INSTANTLY.***A huge feature of the service ***

*After you find the proper forums you have to register and bookmark them


2-Begin uploading files.
Now that we’re registered to it’s time to begin uploading for cash. The more files you have uploaded, the more downloads you’ll get. The files with the most demand are definitely porn videos and music files like MP3’s and albums in .rar format. There are an unlimited amount of forums built specifically for these topics, giving you an exceptionally large platform to get your links downloaded.

3-Spread your links to heavily trafficked areas.

In this business, traffic is the name of the game. In order to get paid, your files must get downloaded. Luckily the internet is host to a never ending stream of web sites, blogs and and forums with an unlimited demand for the music and videos we host.

That’s where we come in.

To increase your downloads you must locate these areas on the internet where the demand exceeds the supply. Fortunately they are not hard to find. I’ll soon write an article on how to find these high traffic hot spots, so be sure to keep checking back.

Find these areas, spread your links and collect the profits.

4) Profit.

The more you upload, the more you make.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What countries are included? (Countries that pay per Download.)

$10 for 1000 downloads from the following countries

United States Of America , United Kingdom , Canada , Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Austria

$5 for 1000 downloads from the following countries

Russia , Netherlands , Greece ,Portuguese ,Switzerland,Sweden ,Finland, Norway, Denmark

$2 for 1000 downloads from the following countries

Poland, Ukraine , Czech Republic

More !!! Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and Turkey Mexico are paying too.

*When someone downloads your file, pays you, for the downloads.

*When someone downloads any file from your site(BLOG) - more revenue for you.

* also pays 10% of the amount earned by your referrals.More referrals more income you get !!!

After $ 30 in your balance , you can ask Payment via PayPal ,Epese, Epassporte, Wire Transfer, Webmoney


Step 1: Use Google to search for the proper forums. It can be any type of music genre, adult videos, sports videos, mixed martial arts videos, porn gallery pics ,etc. Anything!

Step 2: Bookmark every relevant forum into an easy to find folder. Register an account with each one and fill your signature with the download links you think will be the most popular.

Step 3: Spread your download links to the forums and make money!


*Forums registration = Use always the same user and pass(For all forums) to speed up the process loggin

*Becoming a somewhat regular poster may give your account more credibility and lead to more downloads. Don’t be afraid to engage in discussion.

*Getting your hands on files as soon as they leak is an incredibly valuable tactic. The forums themselves are frequently the best tool for gaining the newest and most popular files for downloads. If one of our bookmarked forums hosts a file first, immediately rehost it with your Uploading account and spread it to your other sites as soon as possible!!!

* Make nice posts with striking Titles like:

Best Porn scenes and Hot vids

Excellent cd album Collection

Video amateur collecion (UPDATING)

Very HOT, Very NAUGHTY Amateurs (will be updated)

Some nice titles will give you tons of downloads

/// My mail if you have doubts or want xxx forums or some help \

Earn money uploading "Pics"|HERE

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Earn money uploading "Pics" |HERE

***************My personal MAIL if you have doubts****************

***************GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK***************

Actualization 3 !!!!


Payment at end of month .10 Dollars minimum Payment

File Size
1Mb .. 4Mb - $2
5Mb .. 9Mb - $3
10Mb .. 49Mb - $5
50Mb .. 99Mb - $6
100Mb .. 249Mb - $8
250Mb .. 2000Mb - $10
For example: if you have 5 files each of 1 MB, 10 of 50 MB, 15 of 100 MB and 15 of 250 MB,
your average Rate will be $7.5 for 1000 downloads!
You are also paid 20% of the amount earned by your Referrals.
Payments are made every first week of the month AUTOMATICALLY


Filesize Earnings
5-50Mb $5 for every 1000 downloads
50-100Mb $7 for every 1000 downloads
100-400Mb $10 for every 1000 downloads
  • Pay every monday (Epassporte,Paypal, Webmoney). Minimum payment amount is $15.
  • . Payments are sent automaticaly (You don't need to to anything).




I add 2 new and great Host


QUBECASH-Register Clicking Banner !!!

$20 x 1000 Downloads
Pay 10 % Referals
Pay via Paypal, Epassport, Epese y Webmoney
Pay for these countries GB, CA, AU, NO, DK, NZ, SE, PR, DE, ES, IT, FR, CH, BE, NL, AT, FI.

STORAGE -Register Clicking Banner !!!

10 USD x 1000 US Downloads
10 USD x 1000 EU Downloads

5 USD x 1000 RU Downloads
5 USD x 1000 Eastern Downloads

Pay via Paypal.
10% Referals
Pay After 3 days asking Payment
You can use Remote Upload
Files Must be 90 mb or bigger !!!

Proofs Of PAYMENT Qubecash Y

***MY MSN a
MY ICQ a 484682384

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